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Affiliate program «LetUSindex»: make money easily!

We offer all users of «LetUSindex» service to increase their profits substantially by participating
in our partnership program.
The main goal of the program is to attract the site owners and SEO services providers.

The best terms of partnership!

Highest percent of referral payments compared with other SEO sites!
Largest target audience , and conversion percentage!

Getting the links and pages indexed is one of the most important goals in the work of all site owners, webmasters and SEO-optimizers.
If the search engines cannot find the site, it does not exist in the Internet!
Most LetUsIndex users upgrade their account accounts regularly and begin new projects. Our affiliates get a percentage from of all services paid by a user.
Payout is made at request!

The best way to attract referrals!

Giving discounts is the easiest and the best way to attract referrals and increase conversion!
Within our affiliate program you are free to offer your clients a 25 % discount coupon for all the
services of the site. At the same, the discount coupon is treated as your referral link, so-called
The partner gets the right to use his ref-coupon as soon as he brings five active referrals who
have applied to paid services (this was introduced to avoid fraudlent registrations).

Percentile scale for the members of affiliate program

Your profit depend on your business activity! Bring more visitor and increase your
money percentage!
Up to five active referrals (the ones who applied to paid services) will bring you 12% of money
invested in the service by them.
Up to twenty active referrals will give you 18% of money used to pay for the site services.
More than twenty active referrals can bring you 25% money invested in a site by each referral.

If you own popular SEO-blogs, sites and forums, please contact us for the special terms of partnership with increased earning percentage  and personal promotional

Control your earnings!

An affiliate can check the statistics data in real-time. There is a detailed statistics about the referrals involved and money eraned per any period.


You can use earned money to pay for the site services.
You can withdraw your money earned in the affiliate program reaching the sum of 15$ by
making an inquiry. Withdrawal money is made within two working days via PayPal and
WebMoney (WMZ) systems.



To place our banner on your site, you can use the following code:

<a href="YOUR_AFFILIATE_LINK_HERE"><img src="BANNER_LINK"></a>


Here are various banners, you can use



Banner link: http://letusindex.com/banners/120x60.png

LetUsIndex Banner


120x60 version 2

Banner link: http://letusindex.com/banners/120x60_2.png

LetUsIndex Banner



Banner link: http://letusindex.com/banners/336x280.png

LetUsIndex Banner




Banner link: http://letusindex.com/banners/468x60.png

LetUsIndex Banner



468x60 Animation SWF


468x60 1 and 2 (parts of SWF)

Banner link: http://letusindex.com/banners/468x60_anima1.png

LetUsIndex Animated Banner 1

Banner link: http://letusindex.com/banners/468x60_anima2.png

LetUsIndex Animated Banner 2

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